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Travel Back

October 11, 2016

My adventure attending a marathon Theatre Arts performance was fueled by one of the most creative persons of our time,Taylor Mac.

When I heard about Taylor’s intent to ideate and perform a 24 decade of music marathon during the course of one day, I was sure that it would be exceptional and solo friendly. It was both.

Taylor’s masterful storytelling and unique blurring of the interface between performers and audience built trust, a sense of community and inclusiveness.  

Experiencing 1776...

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Looks Far Away

October 17, 2016

It was Fall and perhaps past peak time to visit a Botanical Garden, but Tower Hill caught my eye because of the intriguing art exhibit made of weaved branches. It look like it was from another place and time. One look at a photograph of it made me want to see it in person. An additional draw was a Fall festival with a concert, Begonia judging, apple tasting and Alpaca petting.

The design of structures, containers plants, shrubs and paths leading to woodlands made it feel like a wonderland....

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Ritual Beauty

October 23, 2016

A small notice in a local newsletter gave little detail other than an outside tea ceremony would be held in Asian inspired gardens. I jumped at the chance to feel like I was half way around the world for the day.

Upon arrival, I checked in at the makeshift Visitor’s Center which was a simple folding table and chair in the parking lot. The tea ceremony was located up the hill beneath the shade of weeping willow trees and in the cross paths of a light, refreshing lake breeze.


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Solo or Not

October 29, 2016

Can a crypt tour, a silent movie set to live organ music or interacting with ghouls bring the Halloween spirit to life? Yes, especially if you do them all together on the same evening!

Arriving early made it possible to get a prime viewing location and to network. Anticipation, the setting and the people contributed to the overall effect. Hearing stories about the venue, the personal stories of people in the audience and feeling the reactions to the halloween activities created an orchestra...

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